yb and blo

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Yes, he’s a wolf



MTV Fan Army Face-Off: Which Army Is Strongest? Round 3

We are loosing, vote for BIGBANG here

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What gd does when he loses is to act cute


Tao can’t stay still for a second when Xiumin-hyung is trying to fix his mic~

Now come on, the colour is Rainbow

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「Happy Fluffy Monsters」 reference

Based on the costumes and the hair-styles:
BIGBANG at “Monster” M/V, 2012

In this story, each member is…
Jiyong(GD) is a nine-tails-fox, a.k.a. “gumiho” in Korean fairy tale.
Seunghyun(TOP) is a mountain deity, a.k.a. “san-shin-ryeong” in Korean.
Youngbae(TAEYANG) is a bugaboo, a.k.a. “dokaebi” in Korean fairy tale.
Daesung is a big wolf.
Seungri is a heavenly-boy, who serves deities.

If you click this link, you can become more aware of them :D

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we know jiyong

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